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Fall Extravaganza

All these leaves, and the four maple trees around our house haven't even turned yet!

There are things I hate about autumn – mostly that it’s the harbinger of winter, and winter means I have to scoop and bundle up like a doofus to ride my bike to work – but man, you just can’t beat the leaves turning in northern Wisconsin.   I finally finished painting the porch columns, and did my best to hide the porch panels (but they’re going to be replaced by open, slatted panels next spring, so I’m not all that invested in the way they look for the moment).  In a spur of activity that’s, frankly, unlike our regular plodding pace, we raked the whole yard, swept the driveway, pulled out all the flowers between the house and garage, squared up the flagstones, cut down the fugly thorn bush from the back corner, and hauled the whole mess to the yardwaste dump.  What a spectacular day for all of it – I’d work my butt off on a 70-degree mid-October afternoon all winter long if God would just cut me some slack on the snow front.

I don't know what these flowers were called, but now they're called yard waste

Flagstones in a diamond pattern offend my delicate sensibilities

The ugliest bush on the block? Now it's yard waste too!

Josie and her mother are slightly concerned with my chainsawing acumen

Josie and her mother are slightly concerned with my chainsawing acumen

All squared up and mulched using wood from the city's chipper-pile

Too little to jump, not too little to enjoy it anyway


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