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Painting progress: priming done, first coat on everything but three (of five) doors, second coat on the baseboards and door frames, three coats of dark gray in the stairwell

Painting to do: first coat on 3 doors, second coat on all five doors, second coat on the window frames, two coats of medium gray on the landing and hallway walls

I’ve been getting up early to get a little paint on before work, and I hope that, at some point, I can not do that anymore.




One more coat for each should do the trick


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Missy and I bought this chifferobe from an antique store in Madison for the very Craigslist-ey sum of $30, but we knew it was going to need work before it would be a good replacement for The Beast.  We got most of it done last weekend when my sister and her fiance were here – they wanted to see Josie, and we were more than happy to dump our child off on them oblige.

  • Remove the faux-rounded front legs, replace with square legs that match the rear.
  • Glue and repair the worst sections of veneer
  • Paint it, paint it, paint it – robin’s egg blue (inspired by Apt Therapy).
  • Get defensive about not refinishing and staining it – the veneer was in terrible shape, OK?  I’m as big a fan of natural woodwork as there is, so trust me when I tell you that it just wouldn’t have worked.
  • Cut and mount shelves for the wardrobe side.  We want to stack blankets, not hang Sunday dresses.
  • Repair and shim the wonky drawer slides.
  • Remove the mirror, cut & mount 1/4″ plywood replacement

The door has a twist that keeps it from closing (even with a catch), so we ordered an offset Hoosier latch from House of Antique Hardware.  It should be here in a couple days, and that’ll be the candle on this little blue cake.





Unfortunately, this catch wasn't manly enough to handle the warped door.

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