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Second Gilded Age

Listen: I’ll stop posting NYT slideshows just as soon as they stop being awesome.

This oneIs awesome.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Hannah’s right!  Despite the photographer’s claim that the photos were made “without digital manipulation”, this animated gif makes it pretty clear that he’s lying.   It took me a little bit to understand why it makes the lie so clear, so let me try to help – the animation goes back and forth between the picture published in the NYT slideshow and a mirror-image of the left side flipped over onto the right.  See how similar the two are?  Even more damning, look at the two triangles of wood in the ceiling rafters.  First, there’s absolutely no reason to build a little triangle like that in the first place, and second, even if a builder did, it would need to be supported with a metal brace.  Conclusion: Fakey McFakington!  (It looks like commenters on Metafilter were the first to find the fraud, and they tipped off the NYT.  Score another point for Web 2.0)




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