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Bookshelf got back

The low bookshelf had a cardboard back, which certainly had to come off ay-ess-ay-pee.  I replaced it with with tongue-and-groove pine, which I’ll stain Dark Something-or-other.  I don’t remember – but it matches the shelf pretty OK-ish. The shelf’s pine too, but it’s hard to duplicate patina.

P.S. I’ve had a lot less traffic since Houseblogs.net went down a couple weeks ago.   My new posts show up on their front-page scroll, and I usually get an extra 100 hits/day from there when I publish something.   I have all the house blogs I look at regularly in my GoogleReader, but I miss stumbling across new places.  Come back, Houseblogs.net.

Estate sale stuff 005

Estate sale stuff 006

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