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Pictures like this make me feel so…content.  Yes?

(from Country Living)

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What the whWe

Really, house? Really? I put this off for a year – no, over a year! – and it took less time than Josie’s nap?

Before (from our first walkthrough, but minus the painting and curtain, it still looked like this at lunchtime yesterday):

April 16 189

April 16 229

And after (45 minutes of pulling down huuuge sheets of paper, then easily scraping off the backing paper):

Downstairs bathroom 001

Downstairs bathroom 002

Now what?

Here’s the deal – in the next couple years, we want to gut and redo this entire bathroom: pull down the dropped ceiling, close off the door to the kitchen, hex tiles on the floor, subway tiles on the walls, pedestal sink, clawfoot tub, etc, etc.

But in the meantime, Missy would like an apple-ey green paint with white trim. I’m also thinking about pulling up the vinyl flooring and painting the boards glossy white. She doesn’t know I’m thinking about that yet, though. I’ll breach the subject at breakfast.

Update: We’ve reached consensus on glossy white floors.

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