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Did I mention that the chalkboard we got at the estate sale was free?  Someone with a nametag saw us trying to lug it around the house, so he offered to take it outside behind the cashier’s tent until we were done looking around.  In our rush to leave before we got mugged for our Fiestaware, we forgot to ask for the chalkboard!  Unmitigated disaster, right?  No!  Not right at all!  When we remembered and went back to ask about it, the same guy who took it downstairs told us just to take it.  In return, he said, we should just come to their next estate sale.  Sold.

I sanded and re-stained the frame, re-painted the board with black chalkboard paint, added a chalk tray (made of trim salvaged from the built-in linen closet, and mounted it directly to the kitchen wall with four brass screws.

Estate sale stuff 001

Estate sale stuff 002

Chalkboard 002


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