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I’m sympathetic, Ellen Ruppel Shell, I really am.  C’mon, El – you know very well how I feel about shoddy craftsmanship!  But you can make the case more effectively than this.  At the very, very least, can you cite some sources?  3rd-largest user of wood by *what* measures?  Far from city centers, yes, but that’s generally in the suburbs, no?  And let’s be honest – who gets any furniture repaired nowadays?*

But put down your 59-cent Färgrik coffee mug and ask yourself: Can we afford to keep shopping at places where an item’s price reflects only a fraction of its societal costs?

*This is one of my least-favorite words.  When one of my students uses it (invariably in some grand opening pronouncement about the state of the world nowadays), I cross it out and scrawl “GGRRRAAAAWWWWWW!!!!” across the page.  I think they get the picture.


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