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Chain of events

We had a moderately-successful garage sale last weekend.  I don’t even remember what we sold, which is a pretty good indication that we had boxes full of things we didn’t really need.  Wait, someone bought a blue rocking chair, for sure, but I don’t know what else.  In any case, Missy and I prodded ourselves to do all the tedious garage sale prep-work by planning to spend the money on something fun for the house.

We decided to get a rug.  We’d let fate decide for what room.

And fate brought us an 8×10 yellow-and-white polka-dotted rug from Pottery Barn for the family room (fate also saw fit to make it 75% off, which was the only way we could afford an 8×10 Pottery Barn rug with the proceeds from a moderately-successful garage sale).

New rug

But, oh heavens! The family room is already rugged – with a pretty great rug from Morocco (via ReStore)!   Here’s where the chain of events really gets rolling:

  • We’re going to put the new rug in the family room, which necessitates
  • Moving the Moroccan rug to the office, which necessitates
  • Pulling up the beige carpet in the office, which necessitates
  • Finishing the basement stairwell walls (because: One Project At A Time), which necessitates
  • Uh, really, just finding the time to do that.  But now I have an awesome polka-dotted incentive staring at me.

If there’s one rule about stairwells to century-old basements, it’s this: Aesthetics Over Function.  Everyone knows that rule, right?  It’s like an American maxim.  Well, maybe I was just raised differently than you.

So instead of plain-ol’ drywall, I’m covering the stairwell wall with 1/2″ plywood strips ripped to random widths (in the 2.5-4″ range), spaced with #8 nails, and painted white.  It’s slow-going, but it’ll be like a seaside cottage in there by the end of the week.

Basement and laundry room 001

Also, DIY cat-door!

Basement and laundry room 010


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