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We live very near a business district.  “Very near,” as in, I can see the stoplight from the porch without leaning over the railing.  There’s  potential for hipness – independent cafes!  used bookstores!  ethnic restaurants!  cool people walking around! – but at the moment, it’s all potential.

At our neighborhood meeting last week, a representative from the city told us about the results of a community survey, and I think I like what I hear.  The plan over the next few years is to re-zone the 10-12 blocks of business district into two ends of concentrated business with a new residential area in between.  Preferably row houses or small condos over rental apartments, although the city wouldn’t have a lot of say in what a developer would plan to build.  We’d still be able to see the stoplight from our porch, but instead of an insurance agency, a possibly-out-of-business dentist’s office, and lots of storefronts for rent, we’d see homes.

And check this out.  The street will be undergoing some major resurfacing in the next two years (i.e., those empty storefronts aren’t going to be filled anytime soon), and the city is re-doing the sidewalks and lightpoles at the same time.  We’ll be getting new signage as well, including notes that drivers and pedestrians are entering an historic district.

There are things I don’t like about our neighborhood now, but I’m reminded often that there’s a lot I wouldn’t trade.  That, plus a lot of potential hipness, makes me happy we bought where we did.

Fullscreen capture 2009-09-29 34205 PM

Fullscreen capture 2009-09-29 34312 PM


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There’s a squirrel chirping inside our wall.  Chirping happily away, inside our first-floor wall.  Ugh.

Update: No wait.  There are two, and they’re talking.

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Paul David Plumbing

Christopher over at Shaker Heights Restoration had a terrible experience with Paul David of Paul David’s Plumbing.  I’m linking to it because (1) I’m an empathetic guy and I commiserate, and (2) more links will put his review higher in the Google results.  I think that’s the way Google works anyway – but I don’t really understand the internet.

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Up, up and away

The first two weeks of the fall semester always kills me dead, and this term is no exception.  I’ve cut a handful of strips for the basement stairwell wall, but that’s the sum total of the progress I’ve made.  I’ve let the larger houseblogging community down, and I’ll clear the breakfast table at our  next committee meeting as penance.

Missy and I found time to do this last night though.  Ripping up carpet tacking strips always assauges my guilt.

Office carpet 007

Office carpet 011

Office carpet 012

Office carpet 017

Office carpet 023

Office carpet 031

I found a few fibers of Seafoam Green carpet tucked under the baseboard.  Shudder.

Office carpet 036

We still need some artwork for that back wall, and Missy wants to sew a more substantial (and less beige) curtain, but it’s an improvement, eh?  (I think Josie’s having a little time-out for screaming “NO!” at her mama.  Or for climbing onto the desk.  Definitely a little time-out for something though.)

Office carpet 037

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Dots and dots

I’m not sure why my daughter isn’t wearing pants in this picture (a power struggle I missed out on?  Lost a bet?), but the rug looks good, eh?  Those curtains, on the other hand –

New rug 005

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